How It All Started

Broidr was founded in 2022, fuelled by two powerful observations:

  1. The promotional product landscape is saturated with low-quality & unethically sourced items that are discarded within weeks. It's time for a transformation.
  2. The promotional industry itself is a convoluted maze, making it a challenging task for companies to discover products that truly reflect their brand identity and values.

Determined to change this multi-billion-dollar industry, our founders embraced the role of responsible curators, challenging the status quo head-on. 

Our mission is to drive positive change in the promotional industry by carefully & consciously curating high-quality corporate gifts and merchandise that spark genuine emotional value and are sourced in consideration of the planet and its people. We help companies to create more targeted work wear and memorable objects to build meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging. 

Embracing the power of technology, we are harnessing its potential to deliver an unparalleled, fully digitalized B2B shopping experience that streamlines and elevates the process.

(At Broidr, our objective is clear: to design and craft authentic, responsible, and bespoke merchandise that will make you swell with pride every time you use or wear it. Simplifying your journey towards exceptional brand representation is our ultimate goal.)


True Quality: Sublime, Timeless Design

We believe in the power of exceptional product design and craftsmanship. Broidr curates a catalog of the world’s leading brands, offering high-quality items that blend functionality and aesthetics. That's why we refuse to make any compromises when it comes to quality. Each item is meticulously crafted from durable yet elegant materials, and infused with unique customization options to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

From impeccably designed office essentials that elevate the workspace to premium lifestyle items, our curated collection reflects our commitment to offering products that align with your brand's image and values. Each item is thoughtfully chosen to captivate the senses, evoking admiration and appreciation.

Choosing Broidr ensures that the products you select not only meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship but also serve as powerful symbols of your dedication to excellence. We believe that by surrounding your team members and clients with timeless design and enduring beauty, you create an environment that inspires creativity, fosters meaningful relationships, and cultivates a sense of pride in ownership.


Sustainability at Heart

In response to our planet's pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges, Broidr recognizes the responsibility of the promotional industry to adapt and meet evolving global needs. Our core values have always centred around continual practicality and caring for both the planet and its people.

We prioritize the use of durable materials and low-impact fibres, striving to minimize environmental and social impact throughout the entire life cycle of our products. By tracing and sourcing the supply chain back to its raw materials, we exclusively collaborate with certified suppliers who share our ethical and environmental values validating their commitment to sustainability.

In our efforts to reduce emissions, we strive to avoid air shipping when possible and instead opt for slower transportation modes such as trains and boats. This Eco-conscious choice emits significantly less emissions compared to planes. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact by providing sustainable promotional solutions that align with our planet's well-being and the values of our conscious customers.

Less to Last

Combining our efforts to reduce unwanted and overproduced promotional corporate merchandise and fusing it with our ambition to outlast the usual lifetime of similar product silhouettes, we join the slow fashion movement:

Less to Last.

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The team

Co-founder and CEO of Broidr Julien blends sustainable sourcing expertise cultivated at EU's premium B2B textile leader, Stanley Stella, with a proven track record in growing the marketing offering for large enterprises during his time at Gartner. He also co-founded Artefax movement, an international music label & event management company. He is now on a tech-driven mission to reshape the EU €60 billion corporate gifting industry.

Julien Chabert

Graduating from IE Business School and gaining previous experience as a sales and marketing associate at Facebook/Meta, Daniel understands the importance of physical touchpoints in an ever-increasing digital world. As Head of Marketing he builds Broidr’s marketing and communication strategy from a 360 degree approach.

Daniel Paluch

As a live marketing consultant at VOK DAMS, Philipp learned and experienced early on what struggles and hurdles brands are encountering when organizing conferences and planning physical touchpoints with recurring clients or wanting to win new business. Being part of the sustainable food-tech company Choco he then explored Sales, Marketing and Design roles leading supplier branding in the DACH region as well as internal merchandising efforts. He also advised other startups in UX, branding and graphic design.

Philipp Paluch

Tope is the driving force behind technology and operations at Broidr. He leverages his extensive experience from multinational companies like Procter & Gamble, Shell and Nestle to ensure Broidr's commitment to excellence, innovation and streamlined processes.

Tope Ukaegbu